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Hot chocolate and cocoa for vending machines

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Hot chocolate and cocoa for vending machines

For many people cocoa and hot chocolate are equally attractive drinks than classic coffee. This is especially true of those who in principle cannot tolerate the caffeine or just doesn’t like coffee, but admires the deep aroma and rich taste of the drink. It is to this audience and designed cocoa and hot chocolate drinks offered by most

vending machines. Outset: by and large, the big difference between cocoa and hot chocolate from a vending machine no: both drinks are made from the same raw materials – cocoa powder.

The range of vending machine may include:

hot chocolate;

hot chocolate with milk;

double hot chocolate;

classic cocoa;

cocoa with milk.

The dosage of sugar in this case, as in the case of coffee, the customer chooses their own.

Owners of vending machines you should know that from the point of view of raw cocoa and hot chocolate is completely different, because their production machine uses cocoa powder. The fact that the standard hot chocolate is prepared by melting solid chocolate and boiling in milk or cream. It is obvious that the apparatus can not do it, so the quality of the product speaks cocoa powder. In the ready mix composition for the preparation of cocoa usually includes low-fat cocoa powder, sugar, dry milk, whey, stabilizer, salt, flavourings, substances that prevent caking and clumping of raw materials.

The main difference of “vending” hot chocolate is that, unlike “domestic” cocoa, it is diluted with hot water, not milk, because milk and cream are included in the mixture.

The main quality parameters of the mixture for a vending machine are:

compatibility with other ingredients (this is of great importance for the preparation of composite beverages such as cappuccino);


rapid dissolution;


the mixture according to the technical regulations of the customs Union and standards of GOST and TU.

At the moment the most well-known suppliers of high quality cocoa powder are a German company SATRO. producing five professional lines of cocoa beverages containing from 10% to 57% of pure cocoa, as well as Russian supplier ALMAFOOD. offering a full range of ingredients for vending machines. It’s also worth noting the following manufacturers special cocoa powder for vending machines – NESTLE (Switzerland), ICS (the Netherlands) and AM FOODS (Sweden/Denmark).