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A delicious chill. How to make ice cream at home
From time immemorial The history of ice cream goes back thousands of years. In the old days in the homes of the wealthy of China it was served on the table with pieces of fruits…


A delicious chill. How to make ice cream at home

From time immemorial

The history of ice cream goes back thousands of years. In the old days in the homes of the wealthy of China it was served on the table with pieces of fruits and berries, mixed with snow and ice.

Did not pass the spell of ice cream and great General of

Alexander the great. He indulged himself with water and fruit, frozen in ice. Specifically for the commander in the mountains for the snow sent the slaves. More precisely, on this occasion, a relay arranged so that the snow does not have time Rosstat on the road. By the way, the soldiers of Macedon came up with to add to ice cream wine, honey and milk.

In Kievan Rus was another kind of popular Lacoste – finely planed frozen milk and cream. In Europe, the recipe became famous thanks to the Italian traveler Marco Polo. And in America it was brought Philip Lenzi in 1774.

Ice cream – a favorite delicacy from ancient times.

Doctor Hippocrates advised to eat cold cream, thinking that it has healing properties and improves the patient’s condition. And only now we realize that he was right. First ice cream elevates mood and relieves stress . Studies have shown that people who regularly drink a cold treat, feel verschollene, unlike people who don’t love him.

Very cream can have the most diverse tastes. Lovers to indulge themselves to delicious and unusual, you can try ice cream with fish with peppers, fried ice cream, garlic and even ice cream with viagra.

For example, Italian chefs claim that ice cream should be sweet, salty tastes that much better. They offer ice cream with the taste of Parmesan cheese, lobster, shrimp, fish, mushrooms and celery. There is also a burning ice cream, which is ignited just before serving (for a short period of burning it doesn’t melt).

Cup – a classic Soviet ice cream.

The secrets to perfect homemade ice cream

It may seem that making ice cream at home was difficult and even daunting, time-consuming, and the result is unpredictable. I hasten to assure you that it is not so.

In order for your ice cream turned out really delicate and airy, it is best to use a special device for making homemade ice cream – electric ice cream maker. This device is equipped with special blades that constantly stir the ice cream in the process of cooking and freezing.

Expensive models of ice-cream has its own compressor, which itself cools the mixture, allowing you to not care about the maintenance of the desired temperature using a pre-nevrogennogo of ice and salt. But m orogene possible to prepare them, even without special machines.

People who love ice cream, statistically, happier than those who do not like him.

As you know homemade ice cream crystallizes much, especially if there are a lot of fluids (fruit or berry juice, milk). There are a few tips on how to avoid unpleasant moments during the preparation of homemade ice cream.

First, you can periodically beat the frozen mixture with a mixer, although this approach will require more time and attention. And secondly, there are several time-tested secrets that will help you make your ice cream more soft without mechanical impact.

For example, it is enough to add 50 gr. good rum or brandy 500 ml. milk or cream mixture to your ice cream turned out much more tender and soft. Fruit sorbets will be softer if you add a little pineapple or lemon juice.

The ingredients of La ice cream you are limited only by your imagination.

Ready remove ice cream from the freezer 15-20 minutes before serving to the table – this will give it extra softness and tenderness. Especially if the ice cream had spent a night in the freezer and badly frozen, it is better to leave first in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then spread out in the bowl and serve.

For every taste

We offer to your attention two recipes iced dessert that you Leko will cook themselves without special tools.

Semifreddo ice cream gourmet.

Ice cream «Semifreddo” – (ital. semifreddo), means “half soft” or “half-frozen”. It has a rich creamy taste, smooth creamy texture. It can be attributed to the classics of Italian cuisine, along with the famous tiramisu, Panna kottai, Sabayon and cannoli.

In a traditional Semifreddo are heavy cream, egg yolks, powdered sugar (or syrup) and various fillers such as berries, fruits, nuts, chocolate, biscuits, candied fruit.

Semifreddo is very simple to make at home, having a mixer, a large bowl, freezer and a little patience.

The article on the topic

Variants of preparation of a great many, it all depends on taste preferences. There is a basic recipe, based on which, you can create an original dessert and please yourself and loved ones a real pleasure.

Cream 35% fat and above – 600 ml.

Vanilla (vanilla sugar or extract) – to taste.

Important points: despite a heat treatment raw yolks – the eggs must be fresh, not more than 10 days time limitation.

The article on the topic

The same goes for cream – definitely fresh (not sour or smell), vegetable (homemade with fat content more than 40% is ideal).

Natural honey – not the main ingredient, yet with him Semifreddo get richer taste BUT, in the presence of Allergy to the product, you need to replace any sweet syrup (invert, corn, glucose syrup or rose hips).

As for the vanilla – it is the indispensable component Semifreddo. In the authentic recipe uses vanilla extract (1 tsp), but is replace by regular vanilla (on the tip of a knife).

Prepare a water bath, melt the honey to a liquid state, can in the microwave oven, bath. Set aside to cool.

Whites separated from the yolks, the latter lightly whisk, add the powdered sugar, place the bowl in a water bath and beat with a mixer at medium speed for about 9-10 minutes (this is important depends on the texture of ice cream).

Honey (syrup) pour the yolks and whisk for another 2-3 minutes, remove from the water bath. Weight should posvetlet and increase in volume several times.

The article on the topic

Cream (definitely cool) whip with vanillin (vanilla extract) until soft peaks. Gently stir cream mixture into the yolks silicone or wooden spatula to achieve homogeneity.

Pour into a suitable container with a lid and cool to room temperature and put into the freezer for 3-4 hours until fully hardened.

Before serving container with ice cream you need to put 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator so that it becomes soft. Decompose portions in cream, you can pour the sauce (caramel, mint, berries) or sprinkle nuts, chocolate chips or candied fruit.

Soursop ice cream with berries – option “light”, as part of the heavy cream is replaced with sour cream and yolks are not used. A nice, refreshing dessert, the texture of a sorbet, but more tender and creamy. Berry filler imparts a zesty acidity and a delicious cream color.