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How to make coffee latte right Chef Prepares!

“Latte” in Italian means “milk”. In the language of coffee this word denotes a hot drink consisting of coffee and milk foam. The coffee latte is carried out using one part of strong coffee, but not the us, and three parts milk.

If you don’t know how to make coffee latte, you can use the below recommendations. This method of preparing coffee latte will not require special efforts and will give the opportunity to enjoy a delicious drink own cooking at any time.


80-100 grams of fresh milk,

8 grams of freshly ground coffee

The cooking process

Cooking coffee latte starts with espresso. To do this in a coffee maker equipped with the function of cooking espresso, filled with freshly ground coffee and poured the water. At the exit you should have about 30 ml of the drink.

Next, you need to prepare the milk. This method of preparing coffee latte requires heating the milk, after which it need to be whipped until air condition. The milk should not be boiled, as it is heated, which should include all who want to learn how to make coffee latte independently. Be used for this as an espresso machine and a special device for frothing milk. After you get a thick stable foam, carefully spoon in a tall glass.

Then you slowly pour a thin stream into the glass of the espresso. Pour that follows the edge of the glass that consideration should be given to anyone who wants to learn how to make coffee latte correctly. This milk foam must be on top over coffee, what would happen if you just followed the recommendations on how to make coffee latte.

A variety of coffee latte

The above method of making latte is a traditional. Thus in the drink when cooking you can add a variety of additional ingredients that can be adopted by all who wish to know how to make coffee latte independently.

In the drink you can add different syrups. We should not take citrus syrup, as it sours the milk. This is necessary to keep in mind if you want to know how to make coffee latte correctly. Pour the syrup to a thin trickle. It is best to use for this blackcurrant syrup or flavored nuts. You can also sprinkle cinnamon latte. Besides the lovely taste and aroma is obtained if to make a latte using alcoholic beverages: rum or Amaretto.

How to make coffee latte, so he will succeed. However, if you follow all the recommendations, the taste you’ll love.