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Cooking with kids in English, hot chocolate

Enjoy hot chocolate!

Calendar winter is over, but I think the winter outside the window ended far not in all regions of our great country. So I continue to share ideas games in English in the marathon of the WINTER PLOYS. Outside our window the slush and dirty snow slush, so, to be honest, and walking is not always desirable. What could be nicer in this chilly season

than to sit at home with a Cup of hot drink. To create English mood invite You all to join us for a Cup of English. no not tea, hot chocolate (hot chocolate) . When there’s a chill in the air, nothing beats a mug of hot chocolate to warm you down to your toes . If You haven’t tried to cook with your child in English, then start right now. In the Glossary below You will find a minimum set of culinary terms in English. And even more culinary vocabulary in this article .

The hot chocolate recipe is quite simple. You can take a dark chocolate bar good quality c content of cocoa, at least 70%) or cocoa powder (2 tablespoons per Cup 250-300 g). Add the sugar and spices to taste (such as cinnamon or vanilla options can be a lot) and decorate the drink with whipped cream or jelly marshmallows (small soufflé such ).

spices (cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint extract, etc) — spices (cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint extract)

marshmallow / whipped cream for topping — gummies “marshmallow” or whipped cream for topping

How to make hot chocolate at home (how to make hot chocolate)

Recipes hot chocolate there is a huge amount, lovers experimenting with adding different spices (spices). If you want to experiment with the recipe, here you can find a lot of unusual options, but my daughter and I make traditional hot chocolate.

chop the chocolate into small pieces — finely chop the chocolate

pour milk into a sauspan — pour the milk into a saucepan

heat the milk — heat the milk

over high heat (over low heat — on high heat / low heat

put the milk on and bring to the boil — put on the stove and bring to a boil

The milk is coming to the boil — the Milk begins to boil.

reduce the heat / turn it down — reduce heat (heat)

remove form the burner — to set aside / to move with a burning burners

let the milk simmer but not boil — the milk should be very hot but not boiling (difficult to translate literally; boil — to boil, simmer — slowly to boil, to be on the brink of boiling)

add chocolate and stir up — add the chocolate and mix

a pinch of cinamon etc.) will flavour the drink — dash of cinnamon will add aroma to the drink

keep on stirring — continue stirring

let the chocolate melt — let the chocolate melt

remove it from the heat — remove from heat

If you use cocoa powder, the sequence of actions in the beginning will be a bit different: you need to mix in a saucepan cocoa and sugar, pour a little hot milk, put on fire, stirring so that the cocoa has dissolved, bring to the boil and pour the remaining milk, a little more to hold a fire, but do not boil.

mix cocoa power and sugar — mix cocoa powder and sugar

add heated milk — add warmed milk

stir to make the cocoa powerd dissolve — to stir the cocoa powder has dissolved

let it simmer for a while — let slowly boil for some time

Hot chocolate is thicker when we keep it heated longer-thick hot chocolate when you hold fire longer

the chocolate is extremly hot — chocolate is very hot

pour it into cups / mugs — pour into cups / mugs

top with marshmellows / whipped cream — decorate top of marshmallows or whipped cream

let it cool down a bit for a while — leave a little to cool for a while

taste the drink — to try the drink

smell the drink — to smell the drink

Is it hot / spicy / delicious/. — hot / spicy / tasty?

sip slowly — drink slowly SIPS

sip through a straw — drink through a straw

Enjoy your flavoured hot chocolate! — Enjoy flavored chocolate!

In our house hot chocolate has become a special English tradition. This little treat for my daughter’s only available in English, and therefore it’s yet another brick (very tasty) to create the child of a stable demand to speak that language.