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Cocoa benefits and harms all women

Even in ancient times, cacao was considered a sacred product. It was even called “food of the Gods” for its exquisite taste and large number of useful properties. Cacao is known to us since childhood. Each of us remembers alluring taste and unique aroma of this drink. He was one of the most loved in childhood, and even as adults many, and give their preference.

He not only has great taste, it includes a large number of nutrients . Its good properties people learned a long time ago.

The main ones are the following:

Blocking the processes of adhesion of platelets. This is due to the bioactive components in the powder.

Oxidant properties.

Beneficial effects on the human nervous system.

Prevents damage to blood vessels of the vascular system.

Increases brain activity.

Helps rebuild muscles after exercise that is great athletes or people who lead an active lifestyle.

Stimulates the production of endorphins. The so-called happiness hormone are essential to the human body to prevent the stressful situation and the possibility of depression.

Helps to lighten the mood. After its use felt a surge of energy and strength.

Due to included the component epicatechin, helps to prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes. Stroke. A stomach ulcer. Different types of cancer. A heart attack.

Helps in the regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells.

With its help it is possible to more rapid healing of open wounds and cuts.

Active useful ingredient procyanidin promotes elasticity of the skin. Thanks to this component of cocoa found its wide use in cosmetics.

Melanin is to protect human skin from UV rays that contribute to rapid aging.

Cocoa — the powder has a sufficiently wide field of application due to its beneficial qualities. But there are cases where it can not only fail to benefit the person, and also harm to his health. One can distinguish the following cases when excessive consumption of this powder is contraindicated:

During pregnancy. The peculiarity in this case is that cocoa inhibits the absorption of calcium for women is so essential for the full development of her unborn baby. Therefore, in the period of gestation should limit the amount of ingested product. Some of the fair sex in this position dramatically changing hormonal background, and cocoa due to overly active components, can trigger the appearance of an Allergy to it, even if earlier such phenomenon was not observed. Contains a small percentage in the composition of caffeine, which can negatively affect people suffering from hypertension. But in small doses, is not able to bring such a dangerous injury. Not recommended for children under the age of three years. Contraindicated in acute forms of diseases such as:

Diabetes mellitus.




It is not advisable to drink for people with problems of excess weight, since the powder has a sufficiently high calorific value, and can only aggravate the situation. If a person has kidney disease or gout, the use of cocoa is strictly prohibited. After all, the purine compounds are able to only develop the disease even more. Excessive consumption may cause insomnia. Not recommended to mix in gastronomy cocoa and green vegetables. The consequence of this may be an upset stomach.

One of the big disadvantages of this powder is a method and substances for processing. The beans grow in countries with very poor sanitary conditions. This cannot be contradicted, so they are subject to such special treatment for the eradication of harmful substances and various insects. Also, for more harvest, like all culture, this plant is commonly treated with pesticides and additives for better growth and destruction of various insects, winding in the beans.

Industrial production, in turn, exposes the grain radiological treatment. Because cocoa is massively consumed by the product is used in various fields. Based on this, we can conclude that if such amounts held procedures of nutrients in it remains at least half of the original.

The use of cocoa

Cocoa is one of the most common foods consumed by the population. It is actively used in cooking as:





Fillings for confectionery products.

Dough for cakes and biscuits.

Sweets, such as chocolate or candy.

Special popularity of cocoa purchased and in the cosmetic field because of such fatty acids, such as:

Palmitic. Oleic. Lauric. Linoleic. Stearic.

In the complex and each by itself can have on the skin effects such as:






In addition to the benefits for the skin, scientists have identified a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, since this component was one of the components of shampoos to restore the structure of hair. He not only is able to give the health of hair, but also add Shine and strengthen the hair bulb.

Also used to combat obesity. In this case, it is necessary to use not inside, and use it to make wraps. He’s great fights such skin problems, like stretch marks or cellulite. Active influence on body fat, causing metabolism to work with double diligence.

In medical practice, cocoa — the powder has not acquired such popularity. But, its oil is used for prevention and treatment of diseases such as:

Bronchitis. Inflammation of the lungs. Angina. Flu.

Don’t use in pharmaceutical activity, is more a folk remedy. Regular use of this oil may assist in the elimination of processes such as:

Inflammation of the intestine. Cholecystitis. Stomach ailments. The increase of cholesterol level. Heart diseases.

Interesting facts

The composition of cocoa consists of:



Of organic acids.

The saturated fatty acids.

Dietary fibers.



Vegetable protein.

Cocoa is one of the high-calorie foods. 100 grams powder – 200-450 calories. If you want to buy a really high quality product, then you should pay attention to the amount of fat in it. It should not be less than 15%. To check you need to cook it. In a good should not be precipitate, it completely dissolves in the liquid.

Harm cocoa is not in the beans, and the chemicals obtained from the treatment plants. There are organic species that are not subjected to similar processes, but their cost is much higher. For maximum saving in beans of nutrients does not need to subject them to heat treatment.

Due to the high content of magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, calcium and manganese cocoa great fights with stress, making his chief assistant in the fight against depression.