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All about glazed cheese curds. What curd cheese better

In my childhood were insanely delicious iced cheese. This

is a unique invention of the Soviet food industry are found nowhere else in the world. And what ice cream — cheese I always loved the most. Until the last moment I couldn’t find THE cheese. Ahead of the event, I will say that I have found. But everything in order.

So, how to choose glazed cheese? How do they differ? From what they are doing?

The best taste. Cottage cheese with vegetable fat curd. With vanilla flavor.


Cottage cheese bar with vanilla vegetable fat

Manufacturer: Smolensk

Ingredients: cottage cheese (cottage cheese, sugar; substitute of milk fat (vegetable oil refined deodorized; dye-carotenes; emulsifiers E471, lecithin), stabilizers E1414; Tara gum, butter; flavourings identical to natural — “the Mask” and “Vanilla”, preservative-potassium sorbate, confectionery glaze (sugar, substitute cocoa butter lauric type, cocoa powder, emulsifiers — lecithin E476, flavor identical natural Vanillin)

Very sweet shit with some nasty pseudolocal flavor. Not mastered even half of it, threw it in the trash, packaging burned.


Cottage cheese bar cheese taste of childhood

Manufacturer: Dairy plant “Transfiguration”, Domodedovo, Moscow region

Ingredients: cottage cheese, sugar, butter, confectionery coating (granulated sugar, cocoa butter substitute, cocoa powder, emulsifier: lecithin, flavor identical to natural: vanilla), preservative: potassium sorbate, flavor identical to natural: vanilla.

The packaging says “Taste of childhood”. It is a pity that the Director of the plant “Transfiguration” unlucky childhood. Fatty yellow cheese with a haunting aftertaste. Nasty frosting substitutes. The taste is not better than the first two, despite the use of natural cheese (at least it says so on the packaging). There is a suspicion that half the cost of cheese is its gilded cardboard packaging.

Cottage cheese bar with a taste of vanilla