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Hot chocolate the benefits and harms

Properties of hot chocolate depend on its components. This unique drink based on cocoa, very useful for mental and physical health. But in some cases it can have a negative impact on the body. To the benefit of themselves eat this delicacy, you need to understand its features.

The content

Composition and caloric content

Food industry distinguishes three main types of this drink:

classic hot chocolate,



Average energy value per 100 g of hot chocolate is $ 149 kcal. In General it’s not much. But they often add sugar, which increases this figure.

Drinking hot chocolate, use will doubtless. This becomes evident when meeting with its vitamin and mineral content. The composition of hot chocolate include vitamins (in mg):

PP – 4,6,

E – 1,2,

Riboflavin (B2) – 0,15,

thiamin (B1) – 0,09.

Mineral content (in mg):

potassium – 868,

phosphorus – 331,

magnesium – 282,

calcium – 76,

iron – 14,7,

sodium – 7.

Chocolate positive

General use

There is evidence that such a dessert, like liquid hot chocolate, more than chocolate in solid form. The content of medicinal substances in the drink is much higher. This is because in the manufacture of chocolate bars under the action of high temperatures, lost many of its beneficial properties.

Drinking a Cup of hot chocolate improves mood. It operates natural neurotransmitter cocoa bean — phenethicillin, raising vitality. This substance is used in the manufacture of amphetamine. His presence in the hot chocolate has stimulating and tonic effect.

Due to the presence of hot chocolate biologically active substances, after its use efficiency is enhanced, the brain receives a stimulus to work, improves memory.

Hot chocolate can cure the common cold. To do this, you should cook it in water with a pinch of red pepper and cinnamon, and drink with honey. In cold weather use hot chocolate is manifested in strengthening the immune system of a person.

Healing components

This delicious drink is known antioxidants. Their use is:

the removal of free radicals from the body,

the prevention of heart diseases and cancer,

reducing age-related degeneration of the skin,

slowing aging.

Studies revealed that the action of antioxidants is increased by heating of the cocoa drink.

The hot chocolate flavonoids kill parasites, inhibit the development of tumors. A large concentration of that ingredient in the drink, according to experts, is comparable with the action of aspirin. This medication thins the blood and prevents clots from forming.

Another useful substance for health in hot chocolate – Gallic acid. It helps stop internal bleeding, increases the efficiency of treatment of diabetes and kidney diseases.

Chocolate negativity

Some of the risks

When the immoderate use of hot chocolate the benefits and harm from him can change their proportions, and the harm will prevail. Part of drink purines are present, contributing to the deposition of salts. As a result there is the risk of developing gout. These substances have a negative impact on patients with cystitis and pyelonephritis.

Nutritionists pay attention to calorie hot chocolate because of the presence of milk and sugar. However, his fans have learned to cook a favorite treat in low-fat milk or even water.

Still need to keep in mind that today in cocoa powder, add thickeners, leavening agents, flavors and similar substances that can provoke an allergic reaction.

About contraindications

From the overuse of hot chocolate it is better to refrain for people suffering from:

metabolic disorders,



diseases of the kidneys and bladder,

diseases of the teeth.

The most indispensable property of hot chocolate – make a joyful a person’s life due to the presence of specific hormone – endorphin. This is true for depression, bad mood, low life tone.