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How to make ice cream at home

Ice cream – a traditional summer dessert. which in the heat is a real way for residents of suburbs. It is not necessary to be limited to what is sold in stores, stalls or go in the coffee to make this dessert at home is not too difficult. In this case, you will definitely be sure about the ingredients, and the space for imagination and creativity here is much broader. How to cook a delicious homemade ice cream, REMO told the cooks and confectioners.

Vanilla sundae

Usually for making ice cream at home using a special appliance – freezer. It cools the milk mass, simultaneously mixing: no mixing, the mass will harden unevenly, and appears in ice cream ice crystals, says co-author Alexander Sedov. But you can do without a special device. Alexander offers a fairly simple recipe that does not require the use of the sundae.

For the preparation of vanilla ice cream you will need:

• cream 33-35% fat – 300 grams

• sugar powder (or fine sugar) – 50 grams

• vanilla sugar – 8 grams

The main ingredient here heavy cream. This delicious ice cream is made simple, the only “but” – it’s quite oily, so if you follow the figure, don’t eat it all at once, advises the expert.

To cream well whipped, they should be very well chilled. For best results is to chill the beaters of the mixer and the container, which will whip the cream – to do this, just hold them for a few minutes in the freezer. Chilled cream must be poured into the container to froth, then add the icing sugar or fine sugar and vanilla sugar.

«Whisk cream until stable peaks, depending on the capacity of the mixer, this can take from two to five minutes. Whipped cream, put in a plastic container. Put into the freezer for at least four hours, and even better at night”, – says Alexander.

This time is sufficient to allow the ice cream was ready. Because of the high fat content of cream in it does not form ice crystals. After the sundae took out of the freezer, it needs a few minutes to let stand, and then you can put it on plates or bowls.

Strawberry sorbet

Sorbet is easy to make at home in the kitchen. It can be said, diet version of ice cream, because it doesn’t use dairy products. As noted pastry chef Elena Uvarova, sorbet can be done from almost any fruit or berries. combine different flavors and decorate as your heart desires. And since June – the month of strawberries, now is the time to prepare this sorbet is delicious and flavorful berries.

To prepare the strawberry sorbet you will need:

• strawberry – 500 grams

• lime – 1 piece

• half orange

• sugar – half a Cup

• mineral water without gas – half a Cup

To begin, cook the syrup. For its preparation it is necessary to pour water into a saucepan or skillet, pour in the sugar and place the pan on the stove over moderate heat. Syrup heated until the sugar is completely dissolved, and stirring constantly, says Elena. After sugar melts, syrup remove from the heat, he should cool down a bit.

Strawberries wash, remove the tails and turn it into a puree using a blender. In a blender add the cooled syrup, squeeze the lime juice for a brighter flavor, you can add a little fresh orange juice of half orange. After the mixture turned into a homogeneous mass, it can be supplied to cool in the freezer. Two hours later, the chef recommends to get sorbet and mix thoroughly, then put back in the freezer and chill for at least 4 hours. Before serving the sorbet should be allowed to stand and a little thaw fridge after about 10 minutes, then spread out in the bowl. Decorate portions can fresh strawberries.

Coffee ice cream

Photo: Love Vorobyov

The cook-the confectioner, the author of the project ’s Pastries from the Beauty of Lubava” Love Vorobyova shared a recipe for homemade coffee ice cream. According to her, this method is suitable for those who have an ice cream maker, but it can be replaced with a mixer, it should be used only at low speed.

For making coffee ice cream you will need:

• milk – three quarters of a liter

• ground coffee 50 grams

• sugar – 250-300 grams

• 8 egg yolks

First you need to boil the milk and brew coffee in it, covered with a lid container. Then separate the yolks from the whites and mix the yolks with the sugar in a separate bowl. Readiness can be determined by color and consistency — the mixture will turn white and will start to stick to the rim, said the pastry chef.

Brewed coffee in milk gently and gradually pour in the mixture with the yolks and mix well. Then again pour into the pan and put on a moderate heat (about 20 to 50 degrees). The mixture in the pan you can’t bring it to a boil, heat it slowly, stirring constantly, every two or three minutes, says the Love. Once the mixture has thickened and the consistency will resemble cream (this will take 10-15 minutes), it can through a sieve pour into another container and cool slightly, stir. After which you can pour into the freezer or beat with a mixer, and then cooled for about two hours.

Serve ice cream can, by dividing it into portions and garnish with grated chocolate.