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Dark chocolate benefits and harms.

Benefits of bitter chocolate

Bitter varieties of chocolate are most useful for the human body, as it contains a relatively small amount of sugar and

butter. The majority of cocoa beans.

In quality dark chocolate cocoa beans should contain not less than 80%

The beneficial effect of the product on the body:- improvement of blood circulation;- normalization of the cardiovascular system;- strengthening the immune system;- improvement of neuropsychiatric conditions;- increased brain activity;- improvement of the production of female hormones;- promotes weight loss.

With the help of dark chocolate is quite possible to lose a few pounds of excess weight per week. You need to take a dark chocolate bar weighing 100 grams, divide into three equal parts. Each slice is eaten instead of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. To wash down the chocolate you need black coffee without adding sugar or other additives. After a week of this diet the extra pounds will start to go away.

If necessary, the diet can be extended to two weeks, which will significantly improve the end result

To remove cellulite, apply a chocolate wrap. Chocolate mixture evenly on the areas of your skin and then cover it with plastic wrap. After regular treatments, the skin becomes firmer and smoother, wrinkles and eliminates external defects. Also chocolate can be included in facial masks and hair, perfumes and other cosmetics.

Tips when choosing quality chocolate

First of all when buying dark chocolate it is necessary to study the composition, which is indicated on the packaging. In the useful product in the first place is the percentage of cocoa, then sugar and various additives. If sugar is listed first, it is better to abandon the purchase regardless of how much the product is worth.

In any case, cocoa butter should not be replaced with another oil. To reduce costs, the manufacturer often adds to the production of palm, soybean or sunflower oil, which negatively affects the taste and favor.

When unpacking the tiles should have a glossy surface without any irregularities. Please note that dark chocolate can’t be black or red color. Natural dark chocolate variety has a dark-brown hue, which give cocoa beans.

Quality product melts in your mouth. If this occurs in the hands, it reflects a low quality chocolate. The manufacturer used cheaper components, so the use of such products will be minimal.