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Lightweight and easy recipes marshmallow and marmalade

Of gelatin can be prepared not only candy, but also marshmallows, jellies and other homemade desserts. Let us prepare for air marshmallows! This is a fantastic treat has many primenenii . it is added to cocoa and coffee, fruit salads and dessert pizzas, decorate with mini marshmallows ice cream and pastries.

If marshmallows will turn out great, for them there is the traditional way of cooking on a fire. It is really very tasty: under the influence of heat marshmallows, increasing in size, become caramel-crispy on the outside and soft chewy inside. But if such hot marshmallow with a piece of chocolate to put between two cookies, you get a ready dessert. In addition, air

marshmallows use mastic for the decoration of cakes and pies, and in molten form as edible clay for children’s art.

So here goes:

1. Take 10 grams of gelatin and dilute it with water. Leave the gelatin to swell.

2. Take 4 cups of sugar, add 100 grams of water, and boil for 3 minutes. Then add the gelatine to the boiling syrup, remove from heat and mix well.

3. The hot mixture beat well with a mixer. Add a half-teaspoon of citric acid and a teaspoon of baking soda. Within 10 minutes, beat the mixture with a mixer. Its volume will increase significantly.

4. Cool the mass and place it on the cake. Leave marshmallows over night at room temperature. In the morning a treat ready.

The recipe for the white layer of marmalade

Marshmallow is ready, now it is the turn of marmalade. Let’s prepare a classic marmalade of quinces. Treat get pale, whitish. It can be used as a layer for colored marmalade.

1. Take pounds of quince puree. Peel the quinces . cut it into slices and put in cold water. Prepare the quinces until soft, then blend into puree.

2. Take 2 pounds of sugar, pour a liter of water and boil the syrup.

3. Add the syrup to the quince, put on fire and cook until the quince thickens. Hot marmalade can be poured into molds or pour on a baking sheet.

4. Marmalade is dry, cut into pieces. Finished marmeladen can sprinkle with sugar or powdered sugar. Bon appetit!