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Delicious and aromatic spice

If we talk about the use of cinnamon in East Asian countries, not to

mention one curious feature. If for Europeans this seasoning is primarily considered to be suitable for preparing sweet dishes, Oriental cuisine sees her a slightly different application. Cinnamon there — ingredient spicy dishes, a necessary component of Garam masala (seasoning — hot spice mixture), which, in turn, an integral element of the cuisine of Southeast Asia. However, cinnamon is used not only in the mix, but as a standalone seasoning for rice dishes.

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Tea connoisseurs probably heard, and maybe even tried spicy Indian drink Masala chai. Traditional tea, which you can find from street vendors and in upscale restaurants. The Foundation of this tea – the ginger and the cardamom pods, but with different variations: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel seeds, peppercorns and cloves. Yes, many cinnamon gladly used for beverages. Generally, in Indian dishes, both traditional and modern, the use of cinnamon is very common, but usually combine it with other spices, as it increases the flavor.

My friend who is fond of Indian national kitchen recommends adding cinnamon in some savoury dishes, such as stewed meat and poultry. I add a little cinnamon in marine fish, stewed with carrots, along with red pepper – it gives the fish a very pleasant taste and aroma.

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Cinnamon as a medicine

For thousands of years cinnamon was valued as a medicine. It was used medicinally for colds and flu, as well as the problems with the digestive system. Use and now. Cinnamon powder mixed with honey and warm milk, not only treat, but also help protogenia the body.

The use of cinnamon helps to lower cholesterol in the blood and may even affect your weight loss. Cinnamon is good for diabetics: it reduces the content of sugar in the blood. In addition, studies have shown that cinnamon improves memory.

In any case, whatever the memory, the aroma of cinnamon itself is pleasant and interesting. Here are some of the perfumes in which it occurs.

In Guerlain Mitsouko . not obvious, subtle and light scent of cinnamon is in the base notes, mixed with other smells.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent – spicy and reckless aroma. And cinnamon here, again only in mixtures with other notes. Added to enhance the spice perfume.

LouLou Cacharel . cinnamon and vanilla are the main notes of the perfume..

Coffee Egoiste Chanel . cinnamon and nutmeg, a little shaded other lighter notes.

Loves to use warm and pleasant cinnamon in their compositions Serge Lutens . In its aroma Rousse cinnamon – the most important note in Cuir Mauresque cinnamon is also perfectly audible in the background of soft suede.

And now a little bonus: the recipe for muffins with cinnamon, which I love. However, those who abided by the waist, too carried away by them is not worth it, despite the fact that the aroma of cinnamon promotes weight loss!

Yeast dough:

Yeast, 2/3 Cup sugar (a little less), 1 tsp salt, 100g butter 1.5 – 2 cups of milk, 1 egg, flour, how many will dough.

A glass of milk to be heated. Not much — only to a temperature slightly warmer than body temperature. Add in the milk yeast. Can conventional, crude – 50 grams. Can dry, and then the process of preparation of the test will significantly accelerate. A couple of teaspoons of sugar stir the resulting mixture and put everything in a warm place.

After about half an hour, put in the divergent yeast other products. Traces of milk, melted butter, salt, sugar, egg and flour. Good having kneaded, put the dough to come. Abenaim. Wait. Once again roll out the risen dough into two rectangles.

These rectangles coat with melted butter, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. The amount of cinnamon depends on your taste. Now roll the dough into a log (the tighter you roll, the less friable and more lush the bread) and cut into slices thickness of about two centimeters. Slices spread on a baking sheet and put into the oven, heated to 180 degrees. The rolls are very flavorful. The main thing — take cinnamon!

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