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Ginger tea for weight loss “KIss of the DRAGON”

In the winter of 2011-12, gorged sizes 116-96-112 with the growth 178 and the age of 50years. Metabolism in mind the age of slowed down, and wanted to lose weight very. In early spring, revised food cravings not in favor of pies

and cakes, although not able to exclude chocolate and jam on slices in the evening for tea. Lost weight for 2mesyatsa to 108-88-102.

Boosted metabolism for weight loss ginger tea KIss of the DRAGON.

The ginger tea recipe: 2 liters of boiling water, 1 rounded tablespoon of green tea without additives, a piece of ginger matchbox grate, set of 10 cloves, 10 peppercorns, lemon. You can sweeten with a little honey, but I did not add.

The saw after each meal half a Cup in 20-30 minutes after meals in the form of heat, but only until 6 PM, later it is not necessary, activates a very long time without sleep. And in the winter it warms the inside well and for a long time.

Eating 6-7 times a day in small portions every 2 hours.

Now 104-85-100, and then only because I feel so comfortable, although it is possible to lose weight and more. Once a week, indulge yourself with tasty and harmful, ginger tea is now drinking at will, when the body asks.

To be honest, I wasn’t into sports. Just added the breathing exercises. In the morning on an empty stomach was doing bodyflex. after half an hour of drinking a Cup of coffee with milk and one teaspoon of sugar, this is my morning ritual for many years, it is Holy under any conditions, and then 15 minutes went briskly to work, counting the breath, deep breath in for 4 steps, deep exhale for 4 steps. At this time the habit coughed and spat, and from bodyflex and walking until I became involved and there was a need to breathe so, now I always breathe a belly.

Sports are not engaged due to natural laziness, listen to my body before to get up in the morning give myself all sorts were pulled what you want, feel the purring cat, and so becomes good and beautiful life, then only a little during the day to control your diet and all.

If unreasonable body is indignant and wants something fatty and sweet, I ask myself would you want to represent in paint effects such as bad skin, digestive problems and so on and so forth. Offer yourself to eat something tasty, but less harmful and acceptance of the body is achieved.

Self love is the only and unique with all of its highlights is shanique and eccentricities, to be proud and not to fight with the hated kg, and with the so-called extra pounds without doing that which the body desperately resists, it is of no benefit, only harm to the psyche.