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How to make milkshakes

Banana milkshake recipe

Today you will find another unusual wonderful surprise, we are going to learn how to make milkshakes with ice cream. Yes it is those milkshakes that are so adored all children and almost all adults love them too. But when it’s a hot summer, then a banana milkshake with ice cream, which we just today and will do, will refuse to just a few people.

However, to be honest I’m a cocktail made back in August while traveling to

the Crimea, then in 30 degree heat fruit cocktail with ice cream was particularly relevant. Just couldn’t get around to write this tutorial on making milkshakes for you.

But nothing, too bad now indulge in this wonderful refreshing drink, and no less remarkable photoreceptor milkshake with ice cream and banana, and when summer time comes, you will already be prepared to meet, with dignity and fully armed.

Recipes milkshakes

Actually, milkshakes, you can make tens, if not hundreds of different ways, adding different proportions of fruits, berries, juices, yogurt, liver, nuts, ice, sour cream, fermented baked milk, syrups, marmalade, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, and of course chocolate. Yes what to speak, milkshakes are so popular that even the first electric blender was invented just for making milkshakes Steven Poplawski.

For which he is still grateful to dozens, if not hundreds of millions of children around the world. And of course, thousands of owners of the cafe, which is the most popular in the sale of the product, and that during the summer season, earn enough to live comfortably the rest of the year.

And today I will teach you how to make this house a wonderful cocktail, and at the same time to save time and money of course. Because you no longer have to go to different cafes and restaurants in search of his beloved, though not the most useful, but still so tasty Goodies, which is too hard to refuse.

How to make a milkshake at home