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Interesting facts about cocoa

The scientific name of the plant – theobroma cacao – personally invented by Carl Linnaeus, who is the Creator of the modern classification of plants and animals. Theobroma – in Greek means “food of the gods” .

Flowers and cocoa pods grow directly on the trunk of the tree. Every year the tree blooms several thousand flowers, but the fruit becomes only a few dozen of them.

To obtain one kilogram of cocoa powder need 1200 beans, i.e., approximately 40 fruit.

The Aztecs began to grow cocoa more than 3 thousand years ago. From cocoa beans prepared tonic drink “chocolatl”. From this name, corrupted in the European manner, and the word ‘chocolate’.

The Aztecs are so valued cocoa that used the beans of this plant as money. Young and strong slave can be bought for 100 cocoa beans. Interesting. this “currency” is sometimes tampered with: took the empty shell of beans and filled with sand or clay.

The last Aztec Emperor Montezuma II drank daily to 50 vessels “chocolats”.

In Europe cocoa was brought by the Spaniards in the early sixteenth century. About 100 years they held the secret formula of the drink from cocoa beans, not wanting to share her with other European Nations. However, in 1606 the Italian Antonio Carletti managed to steal a treasured recipe and spread it throughout Europe.

In cocoa contains the alkaloid, theobromine. It is slightly inferior to caffeine by its tonic effect, but it acts milder and does not cause addiction. Despite the fact that cocoa is a weaker stimulant than coffee. on the night of his drink also should not be – there may be problems falling asleep.

Cocoa has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Therefore, doctors recommend drinking cocoa for patients with diseases of the respiratory system, for example, patients with bronchial asthma.

Cocoa contains a lot more calories than coffee and tea. however, moderate consumption does not lead to problems with excess weight. This is because even a small amount of cocoa or chocolate blunts hunger, and a person does not want to fill your stomach to capacity.

Cocoa and cocoa products to help restore power after hard work and are a great antidepressant. Not in vain in the individual soldier’s rations best armies in the world necessarily includes the chocolate .

Experts recommend drinking cocoa from a wide thick-walled cups, combining the drink with savoury biscuits or biscuits. It is believed that if the taste of the drink reveals the best way.

Cocoa and chocolate stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness – endorphin, uplifting and stress-reducing. Interesting. the endorphins in our body are produced even when communicating with your loved ones, in the process of creation and in the most successful moments of life.

The Aztecs believed that the drink from cocoa beans stimulates potency. The same Montezuma II always drank a few bowls of chocolate” before going to his harem, where he had as many as 600 wives. In Europe in the XVI-XVII centuries, hot chocolate was considered the best love drug. It is extremely appreciated even the legendary Casanova!

It is believed that chocolate is bad for the teeth. However, recent studies show that cocoa powder protects teeth from decay better than fluoride, which is found in many therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes.

With cocoa involves one of the most successful examples of extraordinary marketing. In Holland in 1910 he was sentenced to death somebody Ludwig van dyke. His last words were: “Drink cocoa van Hutten!”.The fact that this company paid good money to the heirs of van Dyck for such advertising and, as it turned out, I was right – cocoa sales skyrocketed. Interesting. what this case is even mentioned Mayakovsky in his poem “a Cloud in trousers”:

Well, when a yellow jacket

soul from inspections wrapped up!


when thrown into the teeth of the scaffold,

to shout:

“Drink cocoa van Guten!”