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How to make a milkshake with ice cream. Recipes

One of the most favorite treats children and even adults – milkshake with ice cream. It’s very easy to prepare at home, besides this cocktail requires special expense, and another huge plus – it is very useful for health. This easy to prepare dessert will delight your loved ones, especially kids, will decorate any holiday or party. Especially nice to use in the hot season, as it has excellent cooling effect.

Use milkshake

The cocktail consists mainly of milk with ice cream, which is also a milk product, which means that he will be full of all the useful properties of

this wonderful product.

In the composition of milk are almost all the trace elements necessary for health and a full, active lifestyle.

It is proved that if you drink 0.5 l of milk per day, the body will get the daily requirement needed nutrients. Of course, this applies more to rural milk, sterilized milk nutrients is much less.

Milk contains lactose, which is very important for proper work of the kidneys, liver and heart.

From dairy products, the body gets the calcium, which is very important for proper functioning of all organs, it is especially important for children and for the elderly, for the strength of bones. Lactose helps to absorb calcium, so it is absorbed completely.

Milk contains many important vitamins — A, B1, b, C and D.

Milk is very useful for colds, as in proteins milk contains immunoglobulins, which fight infections, besides milk proteins are absorbed better than any other.

Surprisingly, it also helps with headaches, migraines and insomnia.

Indispensable milk with gastritis, especially with heartburn, since it reduces the acidity in the stomach and coats mucous.

Cooking milkshake with ice cream

For cocktails we’ll have to get ice cream 100 gr. to 1 Cup of milk, if you want more, just increase the required proportion.

You can also make the smoothie thicker, adding there more ice cream or more liquid by adding more milk.

Ice cream buy vanilla or cream, without additional flavors, you can experiment and make a cocktail of crème brûlée.

Better to buy polukilogrammovye or pounds, will last a long time, believe me, a single Cup you drink it from the kids will not get off.

In this cocktail you can add fruit, berries, chocolate, jam, special toppings, syrups, cocoa and many other things, most importantly imagination.

The cocktail turned out airy, with a good Crema, it is advisable to whip it in the blender, you can do this with a mixer or by hand, but then it can get patchy and not so thick.

You can add juice, soda.

Recipes milkshakes with ice cream

Ingredients: 600 ml milk, 200 to 300 grams of vanilla ice cream, chocolate bar.

Preparation: first of all, you need to melt chocolate in a water bath, or otherwise, combine the milk, ice cream and chocolate, beat with a blender until smooth. Before serving, sprinkle the cocktail with chocolate shavings.

Strawberry smoothie with ice cream

Ingredients: 200 ml milk 70 ml cream 150 gr. ice cream, 300 gr. strawberries (you can add more, then the taste will be brighter).

Preparation: all the ingredients to add to the blender and blend until you get a homogeneous lush mass.

Ingredients: 450 ml milk, 150 gr. ice cream, half Cup of cherry, you can add fresh or frozen cherries 4 tsp. cocoa.

Preparation: add ice cream to the milk, there is cocoa, cherries and juice and beat well with a blender.

Bon appetit!

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