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Useful properties of ginger root and tea, slimming recipes

Why ginger helps to lose weight?

The structure of the root of the plant contain substances that improve blood circulation and gives it a sharpness. The result is significantly improved metabolism. If in a scientific way, the processes of metabolism are enhanced with essential oils and active ingredients. Will ginger tea help you to lose weight? Maybe, if you’re strictly follow the recipe and don’t think that it is a panacea. Scheme like – eat a couple of slices of cake, the whole day will lie down on the couch without moving, then I’ll go brew a Cup of ginger tea and will reset once 10 kg is not working, miracles are rare. Everything has to be complex and certain restrictions in food,

and sports, and tea made from ginger root. Then the effect will be quick and noticeable after 1-2 months.

Contraindications when using ginger for weight loss

When many of the nutrients contained in the root of this plant, it is necessary to consider some negativity coming from the use of ginger for weight loss. Doctors do not recommend to use it in food as spices or teas allergies, people who suffer from ulcers or having serious stomach disorders, liver problems, nursing mothers or pregnant.

Unless you are one of those groups, the ginger will bring you only benefits, the main thing – to approach the process of weight loss using it correctly and not overdo it, otherwise you may experience constipation and heartburn.

Recipes tea with ginger slimming

Recipe 1 – the easiest

Tea for weight loss buy ginger root and follow the instructions below:

The entire spine RUB on a fine grater and pour boiling water in the ratio of – 1 teaspoon ginger 0,5 litres of water;

Pour everything into a thermos and seal it, letting the mixture to steep for 1-2 hours.

Drink all at once is not necessary. Usually recommended to drink the infusion for 20-30 minutes before meals, 3 times a day and gradually – 100-150 grams is enough.

Recipe 2 – with lemon juice and honey

Thinly slice the root, place in a pot and cover with water;

Bring liquid to a boil, set a small fire and cook for another 30 minutes;

When the water has cooled to room temperature, add a few tablespoons of lemon juice and honey, mix well.

This variant of tea is popular in the United States. On the Internet you can find information about celebrities who use this drink.

How to store ginger root for weight loss?

Many make the mistake that hold ginger at room temperature in the Cabinet. It’s not right. Contain only need in the fridge and no longer than 7-8 days, otherwise useful properties though not disappear altogether, but significantly reduced. If you do not plan to actively use, then freeze. Three or four months in the freezer should not greatly affect the product, but longer is not recommended.

Remember, to lose weight with ginger – don’t just drink tea from it, but shall describe the mode of the day, including this drink. Indiscriminate drinking might lead to complications, while no positive effect in the form uletuchivalsja pounds will not be noticeable.