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Cocoa the harm and benefit, contraindications

In the distant past, the Aztecs became known the price, the usefulness and harm of cocoa. At the time, the fruit seeds of the cacao tree they used instead of money. Of them also made a spicy drink that combines vanilla, maize, hot

pepper, water, salt and cocoa beans. After the Spanish conquistadors conquered Mexico and found large stocks of cocoa, they began to use them instead of money, and one slave equated to one hundred cacao beans.

Cocoa came to us from the Amazon rainforest. The cocoa tree only grows in areas with moist and warm climate. To contain such a tree would require special conditions such as no wind and direct sunlight.

The collected fruits cocoa undergo a complex process of disintegration under the influence of enzymes, and only after that they become familiar to us the color and flavor.

Then the cocoa beans are sorted, cleaned and steamed, and then crushed, using pressing to produce cocoa butter. By crushing the fruit cake is formed, which is made from powdered cocoa.

All these derivatives are used in food and non-food industries, taking into account the usefulness and harmfulness of the product.

The benefits and harms of cocoa

First, you need to remember about chocolate. It is tile high quality chocolate produced with the addition of cocoa paste and cocoa butter. The content of these components in different quantities and ratio in percent is caused by the existence of different types of chocolate: dark, milk, white. In add white chocolate only cocoa butter, so it has a creamy hue.

Secondly, in cooking, the cocoa powder used to prepare a variety of creams, frostings, puddings, jellies, fillings for confectionery products, candies, chocolate, for cookie dough and biscuit, etc. it also can make a drink that possesses restorative properties. If this drink is consumed continuously, it is possible to strengthen the nervous system, improve brain blood circulation, lower blood pressure. Its usefulness is immediately evident just after the first drunk of the Cup.

Drink instantly helps to restore physical and mental strength, relieve tension of the nervous system, to relax, but focus and increase performance

Products from natural cocoa contain natural antidepressants such as serotonin, phenylethylamine and tryptophan, as well as antioxidant — polyphenol. In addition, cocoa butter contains fatty acids that also benefit the body. They maintain normal amount of cholesterol in the blood, and cocoa butter promotes the healing process with a cold. In the composition of cocoa is caffeine and minerals.

Apart from use in the food industry, cocoa butter is used in cosmetic purposes. It is considered one of the most valuable natural oils, because it consists of saturated and not saturated fatty acids. They help to moisturize, tone, soften, rejuvenate and restore the skin. Due to fatty acids, the skin becomes firm and elastic. This is very important especially in the winter when it becomes rough, dry and red from the cold. Also cocoa butter is used in a cosmetic procedure, like chocolate wrap. This product regenerates skin at the cellular level, what is most important to take care for after tanning. Cocoa butter is found in many cosmetic products: Soaps, creams and masks.

The use of cocoa in large quantities can activate the nervous system

Don’t forget about the benefits and dangers of all products that contain cocoa. Use what nature together with cocoa beans. Don’t forget to take care of your own body.