Cocoa benefits and harms all women
Even in ancient times, cacao was considered a sacred product. It was even called "food of the Gods" for its exquisite taste and large number of useful properties. Cacao is known to us since childhood.…


Interesting facts about cocoa
The scientific name of the plant – theobroma cacao – personally invented by Carl Linnaeus, who is the Creator of the modern classification of plants and animals. Theobroma – in Greek means "food of the…


Cocoa hair
Cocoa beans is not only the source of the delicious drink. Specialists have found that cocoa pods contain not only caffeine, but also tannins, saccharides, organic acids, fats, and proteins. In short, all that is…



Ginger tea for pohudeniya

Ginger is not in vain in glory Eastern healer, because he has a lot of medicinal properties. Ginger is rich in vitamins, macro and trace elements, stimulates blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the body, promotes rapid loss of extra pounds – here is a partial list of healing properties of ginger that make it a truly unique product in our diet.

How to lose weight with ginger tea? – recipes:

Ginger drink for weight loss: you must slice the ginger into thin slices, put them in a thermos or another similar bowl and pour boiling water, steep for several hours, then strain and add a tablespoon of honey. Take healing should drink half an hour before meals.

Add in tea ground ginger: it is necessary to regularly add a pinch of dried ground ginger in a teapot or in a Cup if you prefer tea bags.

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Ginger tea for men beverage use

Ginger – spice plant, which use the rhizome. This plant roots branched, dense, juicy. Ginger juice is pungent spicy taste. It includes many trace elements, amino acids and mucous substances which have a positive influence on the endocrine system of men. By drinking ginger tea improves cardiovascular system and increase libido.

Ginger tea can improve men’s health, which often suffers at constant stress, bad environment and poor diet.

Eating it is thinning the blood, reducing cholesterol, improving access of oxygen to the brain cells. The drink has a positive effect on overall health. All people who regularly consume ginger tea improves memory.

Ginger tea I like to drink in the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Japanese and Chinese doctors believe ginger tea is very useful for men’s health because of its constant use increases the potency by improving circulation.

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White Chai

The history of

White tea is brewed at the court of the Chinese emperors – to promote health and well-being royalty. Drinking white tea came into use thanks to the Emperor Chen Nan, who was also a scientist and botanist, was obsessed with hygiene and drank only boiled water. Thinking about the latter and lying in the garden under the canopy of the tea Bush, did not notice that in his bowl fell off a few leaves. Brewed beverage captivated the Emperor: he drank and gave cheerfulness. In the future, this tea was highly recommended by subjects of China for domestic consumption.

The production process

White tea undergoes minimal number of processing steps in the production process (drying and drying), therefore, refers to unfermented. Despite the name, white tea has a higher degree of fermentation (oxidation) than most green teas, so infusion and it gives a darker, contrary to its name.

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