Hot chocolate the benefits and harms
Properties of hot chocolate depend on its components. This unique drink based on cocoa, very useful for mental and physical health. But in some cases it can have a negative impact on the body. To…


Cocoa the harm and benefit, contraindications
In the distant past, the Aztecs became known the price, the usefulness and harm of cocoa. At the time, the fruit seeds of the cacao tree they used instead of money. Of them also made…


Lightweight and easy recipes marshmallow and marmalade
Of gelatin can be prepared not only candy, but also marshmallows, jellies and other homemade desserts. Let us prepare for air marshmallows! This is a fantastic treat has many primenenii . it is added to…



The Nina Matvienko tea from rosemary

Rosemary e most interesting plant. Then Xie ispolzuya Kato Podravka and Kato Bilka for the tea. Peace tea from rosemary sche-do common stomas and selna of pamet

Kato Podravka rosemary nom is of the application we have not in England, Germany and in France.

In tezi countriesand okusawa of Astia with meso, with cartofi. Ispolzovat rosemary for prigatano on torchie.

Ako nemate domasin rosemary, kopete si from aptekach.

Trace the Tova unimate from ogyny.

Actavate yeah no way even 15 minutes and preciate.

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How to make coffee latte right Chef Prepares!

“Latte” in Italian means “milk”. In the language of coffee this word denotes a hot drink consisting of coffee and milk foam. The coffee latte is carried out using one part of strong coffee, but not the us, and three parts milk.

If you don’t know how to make coffee latte, you can use the below recommendations. This method of preparing coffee latte will not require special efforts and will give the opportunity to enjoy a delicious drink own cooking at any time.


80-100 grams of fresh milk,

8 grams of freshly ground coffee

The cooking process

Cooking coffee latte starts with espresso. To do this in a coffee maker equipped with the function of cooking espresso, filled with freshly ground coffee and poured the water. At the exit you should have about 30 ml of the drink.

Next, you need to prepare Continue reading

Hair mask with burdock oil and cocoa, recipes, reviews and results

Thick and elastic hair with beautiful deep color are the envy of not only women but also men. Exposure to air pollution, poor diet, hair dye, hard water damage hair. To restore the hair structure and get rid of the dull colour and split ends not only with the help of expensive tools for hair care. Nature itself took care of everything, and

with the help of masks based on natural ingredients we can improve the condition of their hair. Many experts in the field of hair restoration believe that the mask on the basis of thistles have excellent restorative properties that prevent hair loss and accelerate their growth. Oil of burdock is often used in the treatment of baldness, both men and women.

The oil from Continue reading