Useful properties of ginger root and tea, slimming recipes
Why ginger helps to lose weight? The structure of the root of the plant contain substances that improve blood circulation and gives it a sharpness. The result is significantly improved metabolism. If in a scientific…


Cocoa benefits and harms all women
Even in ancient times, cacao was considered a sacred product. It was even called "food of the Gods" for its exquisite taste and large number of useful properties. Cacao is known to us since childhood.…


Cocoa hair
Cocoa beans is not only the source of the delicious drink. Specialists have found that cocoa pods contain not only caffeine, but also tannins, saccharides, organic acids, fats, and proteins. In short, all that is…



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Green tea or black the benefits and harms

The benefits and harms of green and black tea

The most popular drink in the world – tea. Drink beauty and longevity. And what a variety of species. Classification of tea is characterized by the degree of fermentation (oxidation). Depends on the content of tannins feedstock. Hence the different colors of tea: white, yellow, green, red, black. In this article we will focus on green and black teas. And will try to answer the “eternal” question, what kind of tea is better to drink green or black. For this you should know about them more information.

Green or black tea’s healthier

Not to say that the benefits of green tea more than black. Both drinks have

a number of positive qualities and a number of contraindications.

Green tea helps to rid the body of radioactive elements such as strontium-90. In addition, this drink strengthens the cardiovascular system, lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. Properties of black Continue reading

How to cook cocoa with milk and not only

We all remember from childhood rich chocolate taste and great aroma of this wonderful drink. A Cup of hot cocoa drunk at Breakfast, able to provide a good mood for the whole day. It is worth to find out how to cook cocoa with milk. Powder for the preparation of this drink is made from the seeds of a tree that originally grew in the tropics of South America and later spread around the world. Cultivate this culture began in Central America, where people first used the fruit pulp for the manufacture of alcoholic drink, and then began to prepare beans from the tart spicy drink, which was the progenitor of today’s cocoa, but very different from it in taste and

composition. Beans amazing wood was used not only as food but also as a means of payment instead of money. With the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish, cocoa beans became known to the Europeans and became very popular. Nowadays existing plantations Continue reading

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