Useful properties of ginger root and tea, slimming recipes
Why ginger helps to lose weight? The structure of the root of the plant contain substances that improve blood circulation and gives it a sharpness. The result is significantly improved metabolism. If in a scientific…


Not tea Rooibos tea
Rooibos is often called tea, although this beverage as such and is not. Actually, the Aspalathus linearis Bush and he refers, which collect leaves for brewing, refers to a group of acacia. But this fact…


The Nina Matvienko tea from rosemary
Rosemary e most interesting plant. Then Xie ispolzuya Kato Podravka and Kato Bilka for the tea. Peace tea from rosemary sche-do common stomas and selna of pamet Kato Podravka rosemary nom is of the application…



Ginger tea for pohudeniya

Ginger is not in vain in glory Eastern healer, because he has a lot of medicinal properties. Ginger is rich in vitamins, macro and trace elements, stimulates blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the body, promotes rapid loss of extra pounds – here is a partial list of healing properties of ginger that make it a truly unique product in our diet.

How to lose weight with ginger tea? – recipes:

Ginger drink for weight loss: you must slice the ginger into thin slices, put them in a thermos or another similar bowl and pour boiling water, steep for several hours, then strain and add a tablespoon of honey. Take healing should drink half an hour before meals.

Add in tea ground ginger: it is necessary to regularly add a pinch of dried ground ginger in a teapot or in a Cup if you prefer tea bags.

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A delicious chill. How to make ice cream at home

From time immemorial

The history of ice cream goes back thousands of years. In the old days in the homes of the wealthy of China it was served on the table with pieces of fruits and berries, mixed with snow and ice.

Did not pass the spell of ice cream and great General of

Alexander the great. He indulged himself with water and fruit, frozen in ice. Specifically for the commander in the mountains for the snow sent the slaves. More precisely, on this occasion, a relay arranged so that the snow does not have time Rosstat on the road. By the way, the soldiers of Macedon came up with to add to ice cream wine, honey and milk.

In Kievan Rus was another kind of popular Lacoste – finely planed frozen milk and cream. In Europe, the recipe became famous thanks to the Italian traveler Marco Polo. And in America it was brought Philip Lenzi in 1774.

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Hair mask with burdock oil and cocoa, recipes, reviews and results

Thick and elastic hair with beautiful deep color are the envy of not only women but also men. Exposure to air pollution, poor diet, hair dye, hard water damage hair. To restore the hair structure and get rid of the dull colour and split ends not only with the help of expensive tools for hair care. Nature itself took care of everything, and

with the help of masks based on natural ingredients we can improve the condition of their hair. Many experts in the field of hair restoration believe that the mask on the basis of thistles have excellent restorative properties that prevent hair loss and accelerate their growth. Oil of burdock is often used in the treatment of baldness, both men and women.

The oil from Continue reading