Cocoa benefits and harms all women
Even in ancient times, cacao was considered a sacred product. It was even called "food of the Gods" for its exquisite taste and large number of useful properties. Cacao is known to us since childhood.…


How to make ice cream at home
Ice cream – a traditional summer dessert. which in the heat is a real way for residents of suburbs. It is not necessary to be limited to what is sold in stores, stalls or go…


Green tea or black the benefits and harms
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Delicious and aromatic spice

If we talk about the use of cinnamon in East Asian countries, not to

mention one curious feature. If for Europeans this seasoning is primarily considered to be suitable for preparing sweet dishes, Oriental cuisine sees her a slightly different application. Cinnamon there — ingredient spicy dishes, a necessary component of Garam masala (seasoning — hot spice mixture), which, in turn, an integral element of the cuisine of Southeast Asia. However, cinnamon is used not only in the mix, but as a standalone seasoning for rice dishes.

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Tea connoisseurs probably heard, and maybe even tried spicy Indian drink Masala chai. Traditional tea, Continue reading

Ginger tea for weight loss “KIss of the DRAGON”

In the winter of 2011-12, gorged sizes 116-96-112 with the growth 178 and the age of 50years. Metabolism in mind the age of slowed down, and wanted to lose weight very. In early spring, revised food cravings not in favor of pies

and cakes, although not able to exclude chocolate and jam on slices in the evening for tea. Lost weight for 2mesyatsa to 108-88-102.

Boosted metabolism for weight loss ginger tea KIss of the DRAGON.

The ginger tea recipe: 2 liters of boiling water, 1 rounded tablespoon of green tea without additives, a piece of ginger matchbox grate, set of 10 cloves, 10 peppercorns, lemon. You can sweeten with a little honey, but I did not add.

The saw after each meal half a Cup in 20-30 minutes after meals in the form of heat, but only until 6 PM, later it is not necessary, activates a very long time without sleep. And in the winter it warms the inside well Continue reading

Interesting facts about cocoa

The scientific name of the plant – theobroma cacao – personally invented by Carl Linnaeus, who is the Creator of the modern classification of plants and animals. Theobroma – in Greek means “food of the gods” .

Flowers and cocoa pods grow directly on the trunk of the tree. Every year the tree blooms several thousand flowers, but the fruit becomes only a few dozen of them.

To obtain one kilogram of cocoa powder need 1200 beans, i.e., approximately 40 fruit.

The Aztecs began to grow cocoa more than 3 thousand years ago. From cocoa beans prepared tonic drink “chocolatl”. From this name, corrupted in the European manner, and the word ‘chocolate’.

The Aztecs are so valued cocoa that used the beans of this plant as money. Young and strong slave can be bought for 100 cocoa beans. Interesting. this “currency” is sometimes tampered with: took the empty shell of beans and filled with sand or clay.

The last Aztec Emperor Montezuma Continue reading