New judicial scandal of fast food restaurant customers poured coffee and cocoa Company
In one case the reason for the suit became the burns received by a child in the other — damaged suit Lawsuits for large sums threaten fast food chains dissatisfied visitors of Moscow restaurants fast…


Cocoa the harm and benefit, contraindications
In the distant past, the Aztecs became known the price, the usefulness and harm of cocoa. At the time, the fruit seeds of the cacao tree they used instead of money. Of them also made…


Ginger tea for pohudeniya
Ginger is not in vain in glory Eastern healer, because he has a lot of medicinal properties. Ginger is rich in vitamins, macro and trace elements, stimulates blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the body, promotes…



All about glazed cheese curds. What curd cheese better

In my childhood were insanely delicious iced cheese. This

is a unique invention of the Soviet food industry are found nowhere else in the world. And what ice cream — cheese I always loved the most. Until the last moment I couldn’t find THE cheese. Ahead of the event, I will say that I have found. But everything in order.

So, how to choose glazed cheese? How do they differ? From what they are doing?

The best taste. Cottage cheese with vegetable fat curd. With vanilla flavor.


Cottage cheese bar with vanilla vegetable fat

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Dark chocolate benefits and harms.

Benefits of bitter chocolate

Bitter varieties of chocolate are most useful for the human body, as it contains a relatively small amount of sugar and

butter. The majority of cocoa beans.

In quality dark chocolate cocoa beans should contain not less than 80%

The beneficial effect of the product on the body:- improvement of blood circulation;- normalization of the cardiovascular system;- strengthening the immune system;- improvement of neuropsychiatric conditions;- increased brain activity;- improvement of the production of female hormones;- promotes weight loss.

With the help of dark chocolate is quite possible to lose a few pounds of excess weight per week. You need to take a dark chocolate bar weighing 100 grams, divide into three equal parts. Each slice is eaten instead of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. To wash down the chocolate you need black coffee without adding sugar Continue reading

Hot chocolate the benefits and harms

Properties of hot chocolate depend on its components. This unique drink based on cocoa, very useful for mental and physical health. But in some cases it can have a negative impact on the body. To the benefit of themselves eat this delicacy, you need to understand its features.

The content

Composition and caloric content

Food industry distinguishes three main types of this drink:

classic hot chocolate,



Average energy value per 100 g of hot chocolate is $ 149 kcal. In General it’s not much. But they often add sugar, which increases this figure.

Drinking hot chocolate, use will doubtless. This becomes evident when meeting with its vitamin and mineral content. The composition of hot chocolate include vitamins (in mg):

PP – 4,6,

E – 1,2,

Riboflavin (B2) – 0,15,

thiamin (B1) – 0,09.

Mineral content (in mg):

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