Interesting facts about cocoa
The scientific name of the plant – theobroma cacao – personally invented by Carl Linnaeus, who is the Creator of the modern classification of plants and animals. Theobroma – in Greek means "food of the…


Delicious and aromatic spice
If we talk about the use of cinnamon in East Asian countries, not to mention one curious feature. If for Europeans this seasoning is primarily considered to be suitable for preparing sweet dishes, Oriental cuisine…


Cocoa hair
Cocoa beans is not only the source of the delicious drink. Specialists have found that cocoa pods contain not only caffeine, but also tannins, saccharides, organic acids, fats, and proteins. In short, all that is…



How to teach children healthy pitanju

One of the most difficult problems for many mothers to feed their children healthy food and develop healthy eating habits. Often the best intentions of parents breaking on sweets and pasta — in an effort to feed children at least something.

Meanwhile, to organize a healthy diet for a child is an extremely important duty of every parent, because food habits are laid in childhood. In my humble opinion, it is much more important than, for example, the numeracy and reading at age three.

Most interesting is that food habits begin to form when the child receives

breast milk exclusively. Therefore nursing mothers it makes sense to think about their food and from this point of view.

When I breast fed my son, we lived in America. I listened to the advice of a local pediatrician, who recommended me to eat more vegetables and fruits (which flatly contradicted the Russian chicken breast steamed), the child gets used to them and got an allergic Continue reading

How to make a milkshake with ice cream. Recipes

One of the most favorite treats children and even adults – milkshake with ice cream. It’s very easy to prepare at home, besides this cocktail requires special expense, and another huge plus – it is very useful for health. This easy to prepare dessert will delight your loved ones, especially kids, will decorate any holiday or party. Especially nice to use in the hot season, as it has excellent cooling effect.

Use milkshake

The cocktail consists mainly of milk with ice cream, which is also a milk product, which means that he will be full of all the useful properties of

this wonderful product.

In the composition of milk are almost all the trace elements necessary for health and a full, active lifestyle.

It is proved that if you drink 0.5 l of milk per day, the body will get the daily requirement needed nutrients. Of course, this applies more Continue reading

How to cook cocoa with milk and not only

We all remember from childhood rich chocolate taste and great aroma of this wonderful drink. A Cup of hot cocoa drunk at Breakfast, able to provide a good mood for the whole day. It is worth to find out how to cook cocoa with milk. Powder for the preparation of this drink is made from the seeds of a tree that originally grew in the tropics of South America and later spread around the world. Cultivate this culture began in Central America, where people first used the fruit pulp for the manufacture of alcoholic drink, and then began to prepare beans from the tart spicy drink, which was the progenitor of today’s cocoa, but very different from it in taste and

composition. Beans amazing wood was used not only as food but also as a means of payment instead of money. With the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish, cocoa beans became known to the Europeans and became very popular. Nowadays existing plantations Continue reading