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Green tea or black the benefits and harms

The benefits and harms of green and black tea

The most popular drink in the world – tea. Drink beauty and longevity. And what a variety of species. Classification of tea is characterized by the degree of fermentation (oxidation). Depends on the content of tannins feedstock. Hence the different colors of tea: white, yellow, green, red, black. In this article we will focus on green and black teas. And will try to answer the “eternal” question, what kind of tea is better to drink green or black. For this you should know about them more information.

Green or black tea’s healthier

Not to say that the benefits of green tea more than black. Both drinks have

a number of positive qualities and a number of contraindications.

Green tea helps to rid the body of radioactive elements such as strontium-90. In addition, this drink strengthens the cardiovascular system, lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. Properties of black tea is also beneficial to the heart muscle, but should avoid “overdose” (not to drink more than 3 cups a day).

Green tea cleanses the body, washing out the toxins and salt, and even reduces blood sugar levels (and therefore recommended for people suffering from diabetes). Guess what kind of tea is recommended to drink for weight loss? Heard about green coffee for weight loss . hence the identical color of the tea! Truth is the effect of tea will be smoother than from coffee.

On the benefits of green tea don’t end there. It contains flavonoids, which have many useful functions, such as protection from formation of gall stones and diuretic. Diarrhea and respiratory diseases is also recommended to drink this drink, because it has diaphoretic and antibacterial properties.

You know how useful green tea older people. The presence of polyphenols – these substances neutralize toxins and radicals, which often become the cause of cancer, and rejuvenate cells in the body. In addition, green tea is a healthy drink for those who have identified high blood pressure.

The composition of black tea are quite similar, so most of these “utilities” are present in this type of tea. “Without measure” this drink can drink only athletes or lovers of saunas and baths, the rest are advised to drink several cups of tea, and in other cases to use clean water or other drinks, if you do not like or cannot drink green tea.

The main benefit of black tea is its high content of vitamins (B, P, PP), which raise the tone of the vessels (useful hypotensive).


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Harm green and black tea

Listing of useful properties, it is necessary to tell and about the possible harm of green tea. This drink is contraindicated in diseases of the stomach (gastritis or ulcers), gout (because in the tea are purines). And in case of rheumatism or arthritis green tea can be drunk only in small doses. To avoid insomnia, do not recommend to use it at night! Green tea in pregnancy is best not to drink, as it may cause distress to the baby, due to the presence of caffeine.

Now a few words about the dangers of black tea. As we have said importantly know when to stop, as this type of strong drink increases capillary pressure. So, it is not recommended to drink people who have experienced strokes, heart attacks or have frequent “jumps” in blood pressure.

How to brew green tea

Probably about the term “tea ceremony” is heard, if not all, many. The fact is that for each variety of tea has its own peculiarities welding, to tell them the seller or Internet. So today we will consider the main components of “proper tea”.

The proportions of tea and water. It’s a matter of taste, someone who likes strong tea, and someone can be exceptionally weak. Optimal dose of teaspoon of tea per 250 ml of water.

The steeping time. And then there is an alternative – slow or fast (up to one minute). If you need to raise the tone of the body, then drink the “quick” tea. Well, “slow” gives the drink a tannic nutrients.

Water and temperature. One of the important points! Perfect for tea to take spring water. The apartments of this water, of course not, so take filtered. In the worst case suitable water from the tap, which are gaining in a jar and put on a day of “brew”. By the way, make sure no water was pricipal, the taste of the tea will not be the same! The water temperature for brewing green tea should be around 85-90 degrees. In any case, do not use boiling water! Because it kills all the nutrients in tea.

Dishes. Another priority factor. Recommended from clay or porcelain. Note that before you brew black tea (or green) first, you need to rinse the dishes with boiling water. This simple action will eliminate extra smells and heats the walls of the Cup, preparing hot water for tea.

Tips for brewing green tea. The brew poured with a clean, dry spoon. Kettle with tea leaves wrapped with a towel and lasts about three minutes. Then pour the brew into a mug (1/3 Cup) and again wait for 2 or 3 minutes, then add in a mug of boiling water.

Interesting fact. If done correctly, you should see a yellowish foam. Throw it don’t, just stir

How to brew black tea

General rules of brewing similar to the above, but there are slight differences. On them we will stop.

The steeping time. Black tea is brewed 6-7 minutes. Up the kettle cover it with a napkin, which will drop vapor, but will absorb essential oils.

Advice from the experts

Green tea is recommended to drink without sugar. Better to add honey or dried fruit.

To brew again, but not more than 5 times. However, if you increase the steeping time every time.

Tea drink small SIPS to savor its taste and aroma.

Much a hot drink may cause cancer of the esophagus, so make sure the temperature was comfortable.

It is best to drink tea or two hours after eating or one hour before eating. The drink should be used “dry” to avoid saliva production, which can cause lethargy of the body, at the end of the action of caffeine.

To summarize

Now you have to make the choice of which tea is better, but we encourage them to alternate (if there are no contraindications and preferences). By the way, the caffeine in the black tea, but as proved by recent studies, green tea it a bit more!

Perhaps you have your secrets tea? Then offer to discuss them in the comments below.