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New judicial scandal of fast food restaurant customers poured coffee and cocoa Company

In one case the reason for the suit became the burns received by a child in the other — damaged suit

Lawsuits for large sums threaten fast food chains dissatisfied visitors of Moscow restaurants fast food. The other day the Tver court has accepted to consideration the statement from the Moscow resident Alexei Karelova,

little daughter, still in April, the cashier point of catering burned by hot coffee. And last Wednesday awkwardness staff felt another restaurant customer — it knocked over cocoa. Now he intends to sue.

As reported “MK” in court, Muscovite Alexei Karels submitted the claim about compensation of moral harm for 5 million rubles. His three year old daughter Alice burned at the restaurant on Union street. The girl went to the bar for a toy souvenir. Meanwhile the cashier, laying out the order of Alexei and his wife, set on the edge of the tray a Cup of coffee and immediately awkward movement knocked it on the baby.

“Hot coffee poured over the neck and chest to my daughter, ” recalls Alex. – The child began to shout, to cry, to complain of pain in the chest and neck. No staff member came into the hall to assist me any kind and not even tried to call «ambulance».

Alice’s mum was called «ambulance”, which took the baby to the emergency room. She has identified thermal burns of the neck and trunk of I degree. After the girl was treated at the children’s clinic. The child was sent to a neurologist because she was traumatized. According to the parents of Alice, she still can not sleep. Constantly wakes up at night and cries.

Lawyer Peter Dobrovitski representing Karelova in court, said his client, representatives of the fast-food chain refused to compensate moral damage, when he filed a written claim. They say, don’t owe your family. Although the amount with which he appealed, was laughable. In the end, daddy girls decided to sue, but in the end demanded already incomparable big money.

“the amount of the claim, we have determined, based on international practice in the courts on such claims to restaurants, where, incidentally, collected large sums – shared with the “MK” cafe, I want to see, but won the suit for 750 thousand dollars, because the restaurant is always responsible for the safety. And we to this day apparently mistaken for a banana country. We aim to foreign firms operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, respected of our citizens”.

And today another network client – a resident of Moscow Ildar – intends to file a lawsuit. Wednesday night a man was resting in a cafe on Tverskaya street. The cleaning lady passed by and dropped beside him a Cup of cocoa. A hot drink and splinters flew by Ildar messing up his suit. While none of the staff did not want to answer his claim. Protocol written by the customer refused to sign, citing the absence of the Director.

“I wish the staff was more than friendly, ” says Ildar. I sued for half a million. The company has enough money to compensate for moral damage”.